The Fate Family Genealogical Website is dedicated to the research of our ancestors. Much of the research focus is on the Fate family. The various phonetic equivalents of Fate include: Fait, Faight, Faith, Feit, Feidt, Feight. In some regions in the U.S. the name is pronounced with a long "a". In other regions it's pronounced with the long "i" sound. In the German language the F and V are often interchangeable. So Veit, Viet and Veitt are also possible origins of the name. The "ai" letter combination is rare in the German language, so names containing these combinations are probably a product of translation. In the case of Fait and several other variants, they are sometimes of French origin rather than Germanic.

"The first of this Genealogy depends on tradition from several sources. The statement of Delilah Brown to her son Adam Brown, also from Julia Fate to her son Dr. Jesse C. Fate, also from Thomas to his son Wm. H. H. Fate, also from John Fait to his son Clark G. Fait. One tradition is that one George Fate was engaged in a rebellion in Germany or Austria and as a result was thrown off a horse into a hole or ditch, that he escaped his adversaries, found opportunity to reach America and settle in Pennsylvania. This event must have happened around the time of the Revolutionary War. Other traditions mention one Martin Fate from which our ancestry descended. Martin Fate and a brother John Fate of whom we have no record. Others think Fait's a French name and that being near the German line the Faits were taken for Germans in the time of war. Also tradition says at one time there was more to the name - something like Fatebridge. "

Research & Updates...
Research is ongoing and this site is updated frequently with the most recent information. So please check back often. If you have any questions or can provide additional information please email me.

Thanks to all those that have helped me with my research including: Annette Truman Sheets, Mary Ruth Wright, Karen Fate, Susan Fate, Margaret Miller Thayer, Tom Harp, Kathleen Kelley, Audrey Fate Whitcomb, Nita Combs, Claudette Filiputti, Jean Tanner, Betty Roose, Sharon Fate, Beverly Harber, Kellie Vandevord, Cindy De Glopper, Charles Gilreath, Gary Fate and Carl Branstetter Jr., Dennis C. Fait, Cindy Crossland Hart, Troy Mitchell, Colleen Johnson Hargrove and the folks at Tulsa County Genealogy Library.